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Join us in London on Friday, September 18, 2020 to hear all about WebAssembly from Speakers on the top of their game!

WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable target for compilation of high-level languages like C/C++/Rust, enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications.

WebAssembly is designed to maintain the versionless, feature-tested, and backwards-compatible nature of the web. WebAssembly modules will be able to call into and out of the JavaScript context and access browser functionality through the same Web APIs accessible from JavaScript. WebAssembly also supports non-web embeddings.  (Source -

The Speakers



Fastly, AssemblyScript Team

Aaron Turner

Software Engineer, Fastly
Core Team Member, AssemblyScript Team

Aaron Turner currently works at Fastly, and is a member of the AssemblyScript team. He is the author of WasmBoy, WasmByExample, MadeWithWebAssembly, as-bind,etc...


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Jay Phelps

Senior Software Engineer, Citadel Securities

Jay is a Reactive Programming nut and compiler/language design enthusiast. Previously at Netflix, he now works for Citadel Securities on the Core Architecture team.


He has contributed to various open source projects like Binaryen and AssemblyScript, is a W3C WebAssembly Community Group member, was previously on the core team of RxJS, and is the author of git-blame-someone-else.


Citadel Securities


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Sven Sauleau

Software Engineer, Cloudflare
OSS Enthusiast

Sven is a French software engineer, fascinated by JavaScript engines and apparently trains. OSS enthusiast; working on JavaScript, Babel, webpack, WebAssembly and some bits of Rust. Works at Cloudflare.


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Martina Kraus

Consultant | Speaker | Trainer
Angular & WebAssembly

Martina is a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies.  As a Senior Frontend developer, she focuses on implementing highly scalable software-solution with WebAssembly and Angular.

Besides giving workshops as an Angular Trainer, she founded the JavaScript User group and is a core member of the ngGirls Team.  She also organizes the German Angular conference NG-DE.



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Google Developer Expert



Vitalii Bobrov

Lead JavaScript Engineer, EPAM

Vitalii is a Lead JavaScript Engineer at EPAM Poland and co-organizer of Angular Wroclaw.


Vitalii is keeping up-to-date with the latest Web Platform features and doing great experiments with it. This guy is not just a nerd, but a tech speaker, and Web Audio enthusiast. 


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Ingvar Stepanyan

WebAssembly Developer Advocate, Google

Ingvar is an obsessed D2D (developer-to-developer) programmer who is excited about and have worked on various parsers, compilers, tools & specifications.


Currently looking for even more ways to help developers as a WebAssembly Developer Advocate at Google.


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Carlos Baraza

Senior Software Engineer,


Carlos has worked with diverse clients, including Bloomberg, DAZN, HomeAway (Expedia) and multiple startups. He loves web technologies and startups. And he is extremely excited about the future of WebAssembly.


He designed the official WebAssembly logo. His design was voted by more than 2000 developers when a competition was held for an official logo.

Freelance Contractor


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Lilit Darbinyan

Software Engineer, Bloomberg

Lilit works in the JavaScript Infrastructure and Tooling team at Bloomberg, where she builds tools enabling the development of large-scale, performance-critical applications for the Bloomberg Terminal.


She is currently leading the company's efforts to adopt WebAssembly and is excited about the technology's rapid development and the possibilities it will unlock.



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Volodymyr Shymanskyy

Co-founder/Systems Architect, Blynk IoT Platform

Volodymyr is co-author of Wasm3, the fastest WebAssembly interpreter. He combines his technical skills and product development, constantly exploring new possibilities and experimenting with technologies like Distributed Computing, Web Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Embedded/IoT and of course WebAssembly.


Also, he's giving workshops and creates some funny prototypes from time to time.

Wasm3 / Blynk


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Mitch Dickinson

Engineering Manager, Shopify

Mitch Dickinson is an Engineering Manager at Shopify, where he's worked for 18 months in Waterloo, Canada. Most recently, he has been leading the effort on using WebAssembly to make a more extensible commerce platform for all Shopify merchants. 


Prior to joining Shopify, Mitch helped build several startups in the Waterloo region.  He loves working on scrappy teams and solving tough customer problems with innovative use of technology.



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SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

08:00am -

Registration & Breakfast

09:00am - 09:10am

Welcome, Intros, Code of Conduct

09:10am - 09:15am

Attendees proceed to Session Rooms

09:15am -


Aaron Turner - WebAssembly & AssemblyScript in 2020A look at the growth of the AssemblyScript & WebAssembly communitty. With some thoughts on how WebAssembly & AssemblyScript are being used, and how you can get involved!

09:45am -


Sven Sauleau - More WebAssembly in Your Projects
The WebAssembly Community Group is actively working on improving the interoperability between languages, allowing a seamless integration in our day to day projects.

10:15am -


Lilit Darbinyan - Can WebAssembly Perform?

Since its launch, WebAssembly has seen steady uptake for a variety of use cases, from bringing games and CAD applications to the web to server-side compute of untrusted code. At Bloomberg, we dove head-first into an investigation to determine whether WebAssembly was ready for our most critical high-performance C++ data-processing library, which powers the Bloomberg Terminal used by hundreds of thousands of financial professionals around the globe.
In this talk, I will describe our learning journey and share some of our benchmark findings. We will see how we made incremental progress, uncovered some interesting performance bottlenecks, and finally will share the all-important results.

10:45am - 11:00am

Coffee Break

11:00am -


Vitalii Bobrov - The Future of Audio Processing in the Web
WebAssembly opens a door for professional-grade audio software for the Web, allowing to compile plugins written in C, C++, or Faust. Faust is not only the tragic play by Goethe but a programming language for digital signal processing (DSP). During the talk, I compile Faust plugins right in online IDE into WebAssembly and load them as Web Audio Modules into a web-based guitar processing app.

11:30am -


Martina Krauss - WebAssembly All The Things
Best practices for building tiny web-bundles

12:15pm - 01:15pm

Lunch Break

01:15pm -


Ingvar Stepanyan - Asyncifying WebAssembly for the Modern Web
WebAssembly is great as a target for a low-level code, but in order to do something useful, it needs to interact with the outer world. On the Web, this means performing all sorts of I/O through Web APIs, and here comes the challenge: they are designed to be asynchronous, but WebAssembly is not.


Let's take a look at this problem and see how it can be fixed, as well as at some examples we can build by combining power of both modern Web APIs and a fast native compilation target.

01:45pm -


Jay Phelps - Compiling Your Own Language to WebAssembly
Creating your own programming language, even a simple one, can be extremely rewarding. Not only is it fun to experiment with new syntax designs, but demystifying how they work can help you better understand the benefits, tradeoffs, and optimization strategies of the popular programming languages you use day-to-day.

In this talk, we’ll cover the basics that make up a compiler, discuss tips on language design, and make our own simple programming language that compiles to WebAssembly.

02:30pm -


Mitch Dickinson - Making Commerce Extensible with WebAssembly

Over the past 15 years, Shopify has built a globally distributed, commerce platform.  We have one of the largest Rails monoliths on earth. A core mandate is to keep this codebase simple, only building what most merchants need most of the time. To support additional requirements, we need advanced customization tools pluggable by third parties. These customizations need to be synchronous, secure and lightning fast.
To solve this problem, we have turned to WebAssembly on the server.  Our team is building a synchronous customization platform on top of WebAssembly.  We are building a developer SDK using AssemblyScript and Lucet that will allow partners to write synchronous plugins to our commerce platform.  This talk will cover the architecture of this solution and it will go deep on how WebAssembly has enabled us to run untrusted code in a fast and secure way.  This involved building a layer around Lucet that allows us to represent and transmit higher level data types to and from WASM modules. With WASM we are able to run these plugins securely and guarantee a result in just a few milliseconds.  
And with good developer tools and enough hooks on top of our monolith, we will be able to allow third parties to extend our commerce platform.

03:00pm -


Carlos Baraza - Is JS-free web development already possible?

JavaScript has enjoyed a ubiquitous position in the web until this day. However, some believe that WebAssembly might change the course of web development history. 
What frameworks and libraries are targeting WASM? Are they mature enough to support world-class web applications? How do they compare to mature ecosystems like React, Angular or Vue?
Let’s explore together how the web development ecosystem is evolving, and what the future might hold.

03:30pm - 03:45pm

Coffee Break

03:45pm - 05:45pm

The rest of the sessions will be announced here





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